Management Systems

Most Construction Clients are now demanding third party accreditation for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety. CHC have many years experience in providing advice and guidance on implementing third party accredited management systems.

We provide a professional service which is tailored to suit your individual needs. The systems we introduce reflect what you do as an organisation and are designed to improve your business, not just to create paper. Our aim is to ensure you achieve third party accreditation. We lead you through the accreditation process from the beginning to successful certification.

Advice and guidance on introduction of:-

  • BS EN ISO 45001:2018
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2015
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Safe T Cert Systems.
  • NVIRO Cert
  • Reports on current management arrangements and ways to improve.

Construction (Design & Management) Regulations

CHC provides a CDM advisory service to help the construction and engineering industries fulfil their obligations under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2016 (CDM2016).
The Regulations establish arrangements which require designers to consider risks associated with the construction phase of a project as well as the completed structure. Designers must consider the risks to the end user in terms of use and maintenance and in some circumstances they may even have to consider providing details regarding the demolition of the structure at the end of its design life.
The new Regulations have established a new duty holder called the Principal Designer whose role is to manage co-ordinate maintain and review the Health & Safety aspects of the design phase of the Project.
Clients also have significant duties under the CDM Regulations, CHC have acted as CDM Advisor to the Client and can assist the Client to ensure they comply with their duties under the Regulations.
CHC has a team of fully qualified CDM Advisors and have acted in the role of CDM Advisor to the Client and to the Principal Designer.


Qualitative Face Fit Testing

Is the RPE you’re providing protecting your worker’s health?

A recent HSE survey of companies demonstrated that only half were effective in protecting the wearer through their use of RPE as a control.

CHC are able to provide an on-site Face Fit Qualitative testing service for tight fitting face pieces (FFP3).

By carrying out face fit testing employers are fulfilling the requirements laid out in the HSE guidance HSE 282/28.

Who Needs Qualitative Face Fit Testing?

Employees who wear a half mask require testing to ensure the mask is correctly fitted and provides a tight seal around the wearer’s face.

The test is undertaken using a hood and a non-toxic test agent.

The wearer is then asked to perform a set of verbal and physical exercises during which their sense of taste and smell is used to detect any leakage that may occur while wearing their mask.

It is necessary for those taking part in the test to be clean shaven.

The test is not suitable for those with facial hair.

Qualitative Face Fit Testing may not be suitable for all participants and some may require Quantitative Face Fit testing.

Companies must provide their own masks.

Please note that the Qualitative Face Fit Test is not suitable for anyone working with asbestos.


Training Courses

We design tailored in house Health & Safety training courses on request. Many of our customers have specific Health & Safety needs, which we can meet through the delivery of a bespoke training course. If you have a specific needs, please do get in touch, we can discuss options on course content, delivery method, suitable locations, accreditation documentation required, and much more.


Bespoke Consultancy

Bespoke Retained Client Service

CHC offer a personalised Health & Safety Retained Client Service.  This allows CHC to work hand in hand with its retained Clients on an ongoing basis enabling CHC to establish bespoke systems and procedures tailored to suit the specific needs of the Client.  This is a one stop shop  service where CHC acts as the competent Health & Safety Advisor to the Company as required by the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations.  CHC is on hand 24/7 to deal with all issues relating to Health & Safety.

Site Visits

One off or regular site inspections for duration of project, resulting in the production of a written Health & Safety Report,  this will allow the company to demonstrate that it is identifying weaknesses and dealing with them.

Risk Assessments / Method Statements

Drafting of risk assessments and method statements for project specific activities or overall contracts.  Work at Heights risk assessments as required by the Work at Height Regulations.

Accident Investigation

One off accident investigation to find root causes and provide advice on ways to improve.

Advice on personal injury claims management starting from the initial accident through to court proceedings.