Withdrawal of Construction Site Visitor’s Cards

By September 22, 2020 No Comments

On the 29th February this year the Construction Site Visitor cards were withdrawn from the scheme. If you are a designer or a consultant you are maybe wondering what card is then appropriate for you?

The Academically Qualified or Professionally Qualified Person’s Platinum CSR card ensures that you have gone that step further with your CPD and knowledge of health and safety.

Both cards can be achieved by completing either the IOSH Safety for Senior Executives and Directors in Construction or the IOSH Safety Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers.

IOSH is a globally recognised accrediting body and the IOSH endorsed certificate allows the holder to apply for either the AQP or PQP CSR card in conjunction with evidence of an appropriate academic qualification or recognised membership of a construction related body.

Charlie Hutchison is our tutor for the remote IOSH Senior Execs on the 2nd November.

David Hutchison and Charlie Hutchison will be delivering the remote IOSH SHE on the 26th, 27th October and 2nd, 3rd November.

Please contact our office for further information on accepted qualifications, membership, course content and all training dates and costs.