Covid-19 Precautions

By March 11, 2020 No Comments

We would like to inform all our customers of the sensible precautionary measures we are taking during the outbreak of Covid-19.
1.Our classroom is large, well ventilated and will allow for seating course attendees 2 metres apart.
2.We would ask that common sense is applied and if you have travelled recently from any of the listed government hot spots that you do not attend the training.
3.Rigorous hand washing should be a usual practice with water and soap which are both freely available at the training centre.
4. If you are unwell, displaying symptoms such as shortness of breath, elevated temperature, coughing or flu like symptoms then we ask that you do not attend the course.
5. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.
6. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing with a tissue or your bent elbow.
7. Avoid sharing personal equipment such as pens or mobile phones.
8. We would ask that during tea breaks course attendees do not congregate but return to their desks or maintain a distance apart from other attendees.
9. Bring your own lunch to the course.
We will be conveying all of the above to other course attendees and within each company common sense and the above control measures will be employed.